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Circle of Bees Inc.

Our Mission: to protect and expand beekeeping culture and pollinator habitat in places where people live.


Bees in your hedge, tree, house, barn, office, or other humanoid structure?
Text or call Christian: (530) 771-6890

More contact ...
Christian (CEO) (510) 400-8443
(CEO) (510) 400-8443
Our Davis Address:
PO BOX 73004,
Davis CA 95617


The Corporation

Circle of Bees is a radical punk-rock sub/urban pollinator art project and instance of ethical corporate personhood.

We demand cities and suburbs less like toxic mall parking lots and more like gardens, farms, orchards, forests, meadows, and wild natural places.

Our objective is techno-agrarian revolution that is carefully and comfortably as possible so that no one gets hurt, and as fast as possible for the same reason.

Life Story

In 2020 Circle of Bees will complete major operations in its prototype city, Davis CA.

We will leave behind a body of utilitarian ecological artwork including our city-wide space invaders swarm management system.

Circle of Bees will remain active in Davis to finnish up our small list of to-do items:

  • 2nd Street
  • Dark Nights + Night Fest
  • ...
  • The PolliNation ...

In 2020 we begin our next major artwork, 1,000 Hives Sacramento.

Please join keep up with our radical effort towards permacultural transformation in the first world.


Please join with confidence. We are a spam free operation.


Contributions stay local. Funding is used to build our folk art, living classroom, and science/technical project.


  • Burning Man Foundation's Global Art Initiative for a generous grant in 2018
  • City of Davis Office of Art and Cultural Affairs for a generous grant in 2018
  • ACE Hardware of Davis for resources for 100 Hives Davis
  • The Nino Lab for good scientific beekeeping
  • Paul and Liz
  • Bearded Bees for being cool