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Mission in Davis

100 Hives Davis : 79% Complete

100 Hives saw the public utility of swarm-capture presented as a spectacular, colorful local exposition of sub/urban ecology, and made us famous in Davis.

In 2020 we are completing installation of the functional phase of the project: if you live in Davis you may see the hives hanging in pairs in trees in every corner of the city. Here they will work as intended, preventing infestations of walls and ceilings which are costly and hazardousn to humans and often result in damage or extermination to bees.

The great swarm capture network will last a few years, and we have already begun to save money for the next generation, which will be smarter and cooler!

If you would like to give to the 100 Hives Davis Project: Next Generation, please do so here:

With 100 Hives nearing completion and the CoB's conquesting eyes on Sacramento, Woodland, the Bay and far beyond, there's only a little left to do in Davis.

We leave behind a skeleton crew of adepts and activists to complete our program here - our coup de gras!

Our Davis To-do List

  • Prohibit automobile traffic (except emergency and commercial vehicles) on the entire length of 3rd Street, from the UC all the way down to PG&E. It's about time bikes and pedestrians had their own dedicated thoroughfare and that Davis paid more than lip service to correcting the greatest engineering mistake in history: the automobile and road system. More on this later ...

  • Dark Nights / Night Fest: once a year (or month, better week, best day) turn off the dang lights! Seriously people, blue spectrum light is seriously damaging to human health not to mention nocturnal pollinators and animals at large. I mean this is pure, fundamental science: for billions of years we have had dark nights as regular as the sun and moon. In the last 100 years we have begin flooding our night with light, disrupting many deep cycles and rhythms. Why are we surprised that we have so many crazy people running around with psychological problems? Opponents will worry about crime, ignoring the studies that show crime falls when nights are dark. The city should lead this challenge by eliminating street lights and any public light sources, one day per year to start, them once per month, and on from there.
  • On 4th of July, replace noise and chemical polluting not to mention hazardous fireworks with slightly less polluting but much more beautiful and quieter grand bonfires of flames resplendant! Each bonfire can be monitored by their neighborhood in coordination with the fire dept. More on this later ...
  • Parks and Rec? How about Agrarian Rennaissance and Rewilding! The city can do many things to aggressively transition folks to sustainable habitat and practice, but first should be hiring only folks with deep experience in natural ecology to work for the city's general parks and recreationn division. Give ecologists honest work and watch your city bloom!
  • Re-introduce king snakes in the city. (Well, really we want rattle snakes, but that platform is not exactly gonna earn us the presidency). King snakes are beautiful and they snack on rats, so if folks don't like rats infesting your backyard, they ought to consider working with the Explorit Center on an urban rewilding program to introduce more snakes in the city (king snakes also eat rattlesnakes by the way, so really it's the only safe thing to do) and install shrines around which to worship them - kidding. Sorta. Also if we do this kind of thing we have to eliminate automotive traffic more systematically from the city.
  • Eliminate automotive traffic more systematically from the city. Rather we should be prying up chunks of toxic asphault and turning that poor once-living, now-dead earth back into farm and garden. Maybe we turn most streets in Davis into one way, or two way, 5mph, with pull-overs so people can get out of each-other's way? Thknk of the money we will save on paving! With that we can hire more ecologists, gardeners, and farmers to make this city greener and foodier. Folks will complain that they can't get around. Especially the elderly or enfeebled will be unfairly hrut by such draconian measures. And think of the traffic and delays and inconvenience - there's your inconvenient truth right there! Oh really. So why not ...
  • Create a city award and incentive program for the most innovative battery-assisted bike carriage system to get people around in Davis. Start it tomorrow. Yesterday. Make it a big prize, and find ways to get young entrepreneurs working on it. Make it a competition. Make it profitable for them to build a system for getting people around town quickly and safely, using a system that's divorced from the toxic, murderous (40,000 people per year dead in the US alone, not including maimings and cripplings) automobile contraptions.
  • Look, I could go on. The point is really simple: it there were a commet headed towards earth and there were a practical strategy to avoid annihlation, we would be regimented and millitant about it. So what gives? I'm looking at you Cool Davis. Rides in Tesla's? C'mon. You ain't even trying :} (Not to cast shade on the brilliant and creativite leadership of Cool Davis, especially Chris Granger and Leslie Crenna).
  • A lot more later

Read about our plans for Sacramento and Woodland here!

PUT HUGE THAnK-yous To City of DAvis Art and Cultural Affairs (Rachel "the greatest" Hartsough), Burning Man Global Art Foundation, Ace Hardware, and lots and lots of people.